iOS 13.6 Lets You Start Your Car With Your iPhone

Apple has just made another update to its proprietary operating software – the iOS. The latest update is none other than the iOS 13.6 and to be honest, it’s even a bigger update than the iOS 13.5 which landed back in May.

While iOS 13.5 is considered important because it integrates Apple’s COVID-19 contact tracing. IOS 13.6 does even more. While it retains the contact tracing features, it also allows the use of digital cars keys and adds a few more features to the health app.

The digital car key feature was tried out during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and you probably have an idea of how it works. In case you don’t though, it allows your iPhone or watch to lock or unlock your car with the help of NFC. All you have to do is place it right next to the door. After the car’s unlocked, you can then proceed to start it using the same digital key. In the words of BMW: “by putting the phone in the tray.

Whatever your fears are in terms of security, the folks at Apple already thought it over. The digital key is securedly stored in the wallet app on iPhones and iPads. Besides, there’s more to it than locking, unlocking and starting your car.

With the digital key on your device, car jacking would require the hijacker to request for your phone or at least your digital key (assuming you do not have the actual key with you) which could only be shared through iMessage. That means the key can only be shared from an Apple device to another and in fact, tracing your car and catching the thief becomes easier.

Another feature is it’s ability to customize driver’s profile. This let’s you give whoever you share a key with either restricted or full driving access. At this moment, there’s only support for certain BMW cars. There may be support for other car makers whe

While it’s good to always have your actual key with you despite having the digital key. Your iPhone still have you covered up to 5 hours after shut down. This is made possible only because of its power reserve feature.

Along with the digital car key which is undoubtedly the main feature in this update, Apple also improved on the health app. There are new categories of symptoms and you can now also log new symptoms, such as fever, chills, sore throat or coughing. This piece of information can then be shared with 3rd party apps. Especially the ones used in the COVID-19 contact tracing.

Also, with iOS 13.6, your phone can download and install updates seamlessly overnight while you sleep. Hence letting you enjoy your device to the maximum.

For older iPhones that do not support iOS 13, Apple released iOS 12.4.8 which only covers security patches. All updates are now available for download as long as your d

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